HAVE YOU EVER found yourself with an overstock of diabetes supplies, like test strips and lancets, that will expire before you’re able to use them? You may have upgraded to a new meter, changed brands, or simply accumulated an overstock over time.

-UN-USED SUPPLIES GO TO WASTE Sometimes a loved one passes away, leaving their unused supplies behind. If you’re a woman, you may have experienced gestational diabetes. Perhaps you’ve even reversed your diabetes and no longer need to test.

Combine all of this with about 30,000,000 diabetics in the United States alone. That’s billions of dollars-worth of unused supplies accumulating, expiring, and ending up in the garbage every year.

NOW SUPPOSE your insurance falters and your testing supplies are no longer covered. Have you ever seen the price tags on diabetes supplies at a pharmacy? Ever had to pay for a box of test strips or lancets out-of-pocket?